A "Nearly Perfect Parent Response"

Last week, an email showed up in our mailbox from a high school college counselor with the following subject line: "a nearly perfect parent response." Just as students need to understand what their responsibilities are in navigating the road to college, it's also important for parents to have sign posts and sound bites that help define their role in the application process. Here's what putting your student in the driver's seat looks like from one counselor's perspective:

"A"* was excited to hear that you will be her College Counselor over the next year.  "We"* are excited for her as we embark on this adventure together.  I realize that” together” entails stepping back and supporting "A" as you work to advise and guide her through the college process.  I realize it’s been 40+ years since I was submitting applications & doing auditions for college---but at the risk of sounding “out-dated” I recall it being a much simpler process. 

*Names have been redacted

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