Admission: The Movie

Admission opened nationwide on Friday and we all rushed out to see it. We mostly agreed with one College Admission friend, a high school college counselor, who thought the movie was fun and said, "There were many admission-related happenings in the movie that rang true, but of course it was dominated by stereotypes." We have one further criticism, but it's a spoiler, so we will keep it to ourselves for now. When you see it, we're sure you'll agree. The blogosophere and media are brimming with reviews this morning. We liked Inside Higher Ed's approach. They invited three college admission experts to view the movie on opening day and share their thoughts. You can read them here. There's also a fun round-up in the sidebar to the article with links to more articles on movies where college is a featured player. For more, check out this piece from Chronicle of Higher Education reporter Eric Hoover who, along with Washington College's Associate Director of Admission Aundra Weissert, ponders what the movie got just right and its truths about "the national bellyache known as the application process."  

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