Final Transcripts

Seniors: A last to-do list

You're almost there... Here's a last To Do list to make sure you tie up all loose ends before the graduation celebrations begin:

  • Go back and thank all the people who made this possible for you.
  • Accept the offer of admission and submit a deposit by May 1 at the school where you will enroll.
  • Inform all other schools where you have been offered admission that you will not be enrolling. Remember you’re holding onto someone else’s spot.
  • Start getting to know the school you will attend for the next four years by forming relationships with classmates via social media.
  • Complete financial aid documentation by the designated deadline.
  • Make  arrangements to send your final transcript.

For more information about admission decisions, including your responsibilities in responding by May 1, see Chapter 17, “Notification and Making the Decision" in College Admission: From Application to Acceptance, Step by Step.