Seniors: Treat the Application as Your First College Assignment

Seniors, this week we want to reiterate (SAT word!) something that we hope you will take to heart.

Take the college application itself seriously! Filling out the Common Application correctly or submitting a recommendation letter on time tells an admission officer a lot about you as a candidate. As well, the essay is your unique opportunity in the application to tell the college in your own words who you are -- think of it as standing in front of the admission committee and telling them who you are and what you want.

Treat the application as your first college assignment. It should represent your very best work. Give it plenty of time and your keenest attention. Do not underestimate what you are telling a college at every point in the process. They are paying attention.

For more information about the Application Form and the Essay, see Chapter 13, "Essays," and Chapter 14, "The Application Form," in College Admission: From Application to Acceptance, Step by Step. You can also download free our real-time supplement to the Application Form, including the August 2013 changes to the Common Application on our website here.


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