College Housing

A Summer To Do List for Graduating Seniors

Your decision is made and you know where you're headed next fall. But there are still a few things you need to be aware of over the summer in order to insure the transition to campus goes smoothly. Here's one last checklist for you:

• Follow up on any remaining financial aid details.

• Look for summer mailings from your college about housing, orientation, course selection, and other subjects. If you will be away for a significant part of the summer, be sure the college knows where to send your mail, or arrange for your mail to be forwarded. A response from you may be required.

• Make your first payment on time.

• Complete the summer reading assigned by the college.

• Pack for college. Have a wonderful freshman year!

So that's it -- we're out of advice for you. But we will point you in the direction of our excellent move-in advice for college freshmen, which you will find here. Check it out. It will save you -- and your parents -- from back problems, heat exhaustion and repeat trips to the electronics store for cable cords.  

National Candidates Reply Date

Today is the day! Students must formally notify one college that they are accepting its offer of admission -- and seal the deal with a deposit check. Congratulations! But, of course, the school year and your college admission process are not quite over... You may still need to forward the results of your AP exams, deal with housing and even roommate selection at your chosen school for next year, and finish your senior year strong. Remember, acceptances are conditional and your entire senior year is important to colleges. For a good summary of the steps you will need to keep in mind beyond today's decision, check out the excellent May Checklist for Seniors at The New York Times' Choice blog. And we want to add one more item to that check list -- a warning against double depositing. Sending a deposit to more than one college to keep your options open is unethical and may result in both colleges rescinding your admission. See our recent blog post on double depositing here.