How to be successful in an interview

How to be Successful in College and Scholarship Interviews

Now is the time when many juniors are walking into their first college interviews and seniors are winding up their admission process with scholarship interviews. With that in mind, we asked college advisor Alice Kleeman for her best advice for students. As usual, she goes the extra mile to shepherd students through what they can expect. Read on about preparing for an interview, how to make a solid first impression, and why an interview is not the time to be modest.


An interview is an opportunity! How many other times in your life are you invited to talk about yourself, to share the best of yourself with others? A college or scholarship interview is not to be dreaded or feared, but rather to be enjoyed. After all, who knows and understands the subject of YOU better than YOU? The following common-sense suggestions for successful interviews should help you relax and enjoy the process.