Rejection letters

Handling Rejection: A Necessary Part of the College Application Process

Today we welcome a guest blogger -- Tamar Chansky, Ph.D. -- who has some excellent advice for both students and parents about how to handle the rejection that can be a part of the college application process at this time of year. Take advantage of her common sense and helpful sound bites as the news -- good and bad -- arrives in the coming days:

When it comes to applying to college, we’d all (students and parents alike) love to fast-forward to the glorious ending.  That “start spreading the news” moment, when we buy the t-shirts and bumper stickers of our child’s newfound alma mater, tell our friends, our enemies, our neighbors, and any stranger in the supermarket line who, willing or not, is going to hear all about it. But that is getting ahead of the story. Handling the good parts, kids and parents need no help with. It’s natural. You celebrate, you revel, you do massive recycling of all the other college catalogs and paraphernalia. Your decision is made; you are done.