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Diversity: Best-selling Author Lalita Tademy's "Aha Moment"

Award-winning author Lalita Tademy joins us today for the second installment in our series featuring deans of admission, educators, and public figures and their personal “aha” moments on the subject of diversity.

As that subject receives renewed attention in the wake of the Supreme Court’s agreement to hear a case challenging the University of Texas’ admission policy, we wanted to examine the role diversity plays in college admission.  Why do colleges value diversity? Is it a worthwhile goal? What are its implications – pro and con? It is a subject that is complex, sometimes divisive, and often not well understood by students and parents.

Lalita Tademy continues the discussion today with a remarkable personal story:

In late 1956, my family bought a plot of land in a suburban all-white town in northern California. Our potential neighbors were not pleased with the prospect of African-Americans living so close, and pooled their funds to buy the land back, adding in a profit for us, if we agreed not to move in.