The Common App -- Look but Don't Submit

If you've been reading, worrying about, or altogether avoiding the new Common Application which went live on August 1st, here's a 3-part plan for a stealth approach from Dr. StrangeCollege. We particularly love the advice from the blog of one of our favorite Deans, Jeannine Lalonde of UVA:

It’s too early to submit an application.
Every year, there’s some eager student who submits their application soon after the Common App launch. While I think it’s fine to poke around the Common App website and fill out the forms, I don’t think you should submit anything right now.
Fill out the forms. If you’re one of those students who worked on essays over the summer, that’s great. Put those essays away for a few weeks and look at them with fresh eyes just a little bit closer to the deadline. You may find that a little distance will help with the editing process.
See the entire post here. And, by the way, we're really impressed with the redesign of the Common App and think students will find it easier to use -- it's more intuitive and vastly improves students' ability to keep track of all the moving parts in applying to college.

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