Waitlisted? Questions to Ask


Yesterday we addressed factors you may need to consider in deciding whether or not to accept a spot on a waitlist. Information about some of those factors may be included in your waitlist letter. For example, it may also include information about whether or not the waitlist is prioritized or ranked, which tells you a lot about your chances of being admitted. If the letter is unclear, here are some questions for you to ask the admission office as you try to decide whether or not to remain on a waitlist:

• How many students do you anticipate will be on your waitlist?

• Do you rank or tier your waitlist? And if so, where do I fall?

• What is the likelihood of being admitted from the waitlist?

• Will financial aid still be available if I am admitted from the waitlist?

• Will housing still be available?

• Is there anything I can do to improve my chances of being admitted?

• When do you expect to inform students you are admitting from the waitlist?


Tomorrow: Waitlisted? Next Steps to Take

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