The Book

Let's be honest: applying to college can be stressful for students and parents.

What extracurricular activities are important? How many colleges should students apply to? Does coaching for the SAT and ACT work? Will our family qualify for financial aid? What do I wear to my college interview? When does parental support veer from feedback to interference? Does applying early improve my chances of acceptance?

Here's the good news: you can get in.

Robin Mamlet has been dean of admission at three of America's most selective colleges, and journalist Christine VanDeVelde has been through the process firsthand as a parent. With this book, you will have at your side both a dean of admission and a parent who has been there.

College Admission is about much more than just getting in, though.

It's about getting it right. Mamlet and VanDeVelde forthrightly help readers build a college-bound high school career, select the right list of colleges, understand what to do in interviews and visits, decide whether or not to apply early, and get the most out of financial aid.

Also featuring the wise counsel of more than 50 deans of admission, no other guide has such extensive professional advice.

College Admission is the definitive resource for parents and students during the sophomore, junior, and senior years of high school. No secrets, no formulas, no ten easy steps - just the truth about how colleges view applicants and the simple honest approaches that really work.