Next steps: Deferred under an Early Plan

Today, we look at next steps for students who have been deferred under an under early decision (ED), early action (EA), or restrictive early action (REA) plan. Deferred under Early Decision, Early Action, or Restrictive Early Action If deferred under ED, EA or REA, students are placed in the regular admission pool for later consideration. You do not have to reapply, but there are some actions you should be taking at the school where you have been deferred if that school remains a top choice for you:

  • Send an email or letter indicating that you are still very interested in attending the college, highlighting for the admission office anything new in your life.
  • Update your application. Some colleges may have a form requesting new information, or, if a form is not provided, the college will usually be clear about what additional information should be submitted in their notification letter. Such information may include first- semester grades, scores from any retaking of the SAT or ACT if they are higher, SAT Subject Test scores the college hasn’t seen, or any significant academic or extracurricular achievements.
  • If the college says they will welcome additional information, consider sending in an additional essay or a class paper you’re proud of. 
  • Request an interview. Schools will have different policies with regard to the availability of interviews for students deferred under an early program. Check the website of the school or call the admission office to find out about their interview policy in this case.

Further advice:

  • This is the time to re-focus your attention on and get excited about all the other interesting colleges on your list.
  •  Proceed with completing your other applications.
  • Be in close touch with your teachers and counselors who are writing your recommendations before the winter break, since some colleges have Jan. 1 deadlines.  Be sure all your recommenders are prepared to send out more letters to the remaining schools on your list before school lets out for the holidays.

Tomorrow: Next steps for students denied by a college where they’ve applied under an EA, ED, or REA plan.    

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