Rejection: "And of course none of it matters very much at all..."

A faithful reader reminded us "It's that time of year again..." and asked us to re-post Joan Didion's essay on being denied admission at Stanford University. So to remind us all there is life after decision season, here you go...


"And of course none of it matters very much at all, none of these early successes, early failures. I wonder if we had better not find some way to let our children know this..."

Things We Love: A Video to Help You Get Over Not Getting In

Whether or not you got into your first choice school, check out this video from Allison Singh, author of Getting Over Not Getting In - A College Rejection Guide. While we haven't seen her book, we love the video. It perfectly demonstrates one of our mantras -- it's not where you go to school, it's what you do once you get there and beyond.