Juniors: Applying as a Student Athlete

For students with talent and interest in athletics, applying to college requires extra preparation and an earlier timetable. Here are some areas to pay attention to as you research schools:

*             The differences among the NCAA divisions, including eligibility requirements, availability of scholarships, and the influence of your athletic ability on an admission decision.

*             The nature of the different athletic conferences -- NESCAC, Ivy League, Pac-12, Western Athletic, Northeast Ten, etc.  The conference to which a school belongs has an impact on your time commitment, the level of competition and the availability of scholarships and financial aid.

*             The particulars of applying as a student athlete. At each school, deadlines, additional materials required, scholarships and the rules governing recruiting and academic eligibility can differ.


For more information on applying as an athlete, including questions to ask as you make unofficial visits and input from deans of admission such as Stanford's Rick Shaw and Associate Athletic Directors such as University of Iowa's Fred Mims, see  Chapter 18, "Students with Special Talents", in College Admission: From Application to Acceptance, Step by Step.


Good information for student-athletes. I always remind the high school school athletes I work with to choose a college for what it offers, not for the coach.

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Denver, Colorado

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