Seniors: Read This! And Then Read It Again!

Seniors, here's a not-to-be-missed message from Mark Moody, Co-Director of College Counseling at Colorado Academy. We can't emphasize enough the power of this message. Read it!  And then read it again. And then read it to your parents...


Now, and in your life to come, resist the urge to let membership in or exclusion from any institution define you or impact your self-image in either positive or negative ways. We are all susceptible to the power of names and outside validation, but I encourage you to develop a healthy suspicion of people who rely on those things to give meaning to their lives or to serve as markers of their superiority. When you dig past the veneer of status, they usually live their lives on a continuum somewhere between "emotionally stunted," "boring," "insecure," "obnoxiously self-important," and "spectacularly uncool." The most interesting, truly accomplished and innovative people are not defined by others' stories about them. They remain open to their own potential; importantly, they don't take anyone else's opinion, or themselves, too seriously. Try to be like that. Let your way of being in the world, your actions, your accountability, and your relationships be the things that meaningfully describe you, and which shape your possibilities for the future.


This is awesome very well said and written will make sure my children see it

Thank you for your comment! We just love these wonderful words from Mark Moody! Worthwhile for parents and students! Christine

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