Parents, Try the "College Diet" over the Holiday Break

Parents, we have some holiday advice for you.  Tread lightly when discussing college in the presence of your juniors and seniors over the winter break. We suggest you adhere to the "college diet" -- a great idea we learned about from psychologist Michael Thompson. It has one simple-to-follow guideline -- the subject of college should not be on the menu more than twice a week.  And run some interference for your son or daughter when relatives and friends get too inquisitive or let themselves indulge in thinly-veiled status competition.  Even well-meaning inquiries can add to the anxiety of the process, especially for seniors. So nix those conversations by changing the subject and support your students in relaxing and enjoying this most wonderful holiday. And on this diet, you can have all the gingerbread and hot cocoa you want! Share that with your son or daughter. 

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