University of Arizona

From Rafael Meza and Mary Venezia, Office of Undergraduate Admissions:

943 East University Boulevard
Tucson, AZ

Wilko is a modern gastropub located in the heart of the Main Gate district at Park and University and featuring inventive classic American comfort food. Everything on the menu is prepared onsite and whenever possible they use local and organic ingredients. They have an extensive tasting menu featuring the best artisanal cheeses and salume available from small local and regional producers. This place is a favorite of visiting families and UA faculty and staff. We recommend you try the mac n’ cheese or the grilled brie sandwich with a side of truffle fries.

No Anchovies
870 E. University Boulevard
Tucson, AZ

No Anchovies is our favorite local pizza place in the Main Gate District. Their menu includes a wide variety of pizza, sandwiches, and salads. If you are interested in some great pizza and enjoying the beautiful Sonoran weather in a laid back campus environment, No Anchovies is the place to be! You can watch the game, meet up with friends, and enjoy our personal favorite, the Hotwing Pizza.  

Cellar Bistro
Student Union Memorial Center
1st floor
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ

If you are making a visit to tour the University of Arizona campus, we highly recommend you try one of the incredible on-campus dining options. The Cellar Bistro, in the Student Union Memorial Center, serves environmentally sound seafood, chicken, burgers, sandwiches, shakes and more. This popular student hangout is a great place to go if you’re looking to have an environmentally friendly, locally grown meal!

Beyond Bread
3026 N. Campbell Avenue
Tucson, AZ

Beyond Bread is a locally owned and operated casual restaurant. They offer a variety of hand-crafted breads, delicious sandwiches, house-made soups, fresh salads and decadent pastries all in a comfortable and friendly environment. What sets Beyond Bread apart from its competition is their commitment to make just about everything from scratch, using only the finest ingredients. We recommend the chocolate fruit tart and Rex’s Revenge -- chicken, shaved parmesan, lettuce, tomato, and Caesar dressing on Focaccia.

Over 23 locations in Tucson

You cannot visit Tucson and not enjoy an Eegees! Eegees is the most delicious frozen fruit drink known to the free world – and when you live somewhere that has sunshine 360 days a year, there’s never a bad day for an Eegees. The fast food restaurant also serves sub sandwiches and salads but is most famous for it’s strawberry, lemon, and pina colada frozen fruit drinks. Every month there is a new “flavor of the month” (January is blueberry lemon!) and every Tucsonan has their favorite. We would recommend a July Watermelon or creating an everyday mixture of strawberry and lemon.  Don’t forget the famous Ranch Fries!    

Casa Vicente
375 S. Stone Avenue
Tucson, AZ

This locally owned, family operated Spanish restaurant is a Tucson favorite. Located in the popularly revived downtown area, Casa Vicente is a fun place for traditional Spanish tapas (small plates), incredible sangria, and fun Flamenco dancing. The food is delicious, the service is excellent, and you won’t want to leave.  

Mexican American Food -- A Category of its Own

You cannot make a trip to Tucson without having some of the most amazing Mexican food on the planet. Our Mexican food is so diverse and excellent that we cannot pick just one place to call the best.  You cannot go wrong with any Tucson Mexican restaurant but we wanted to recommend some great starting points for a Mexican food 101 that will not disappoint you:

El Guero Canelo
5201 South 12th Avenue
Tucson, AZ

Known across the city, what was once only a small corner-based hot dog cart, El Guëro Canelo has expanded to multiple Tucson locations. (The location above is close to the University.) Quesadillas, tacos and tortas are just a few of the great menu options.  But most important, this casual eatery has made the simple hot dog a fast food delicacy.  The Sonoran style dog features a custom-baked bun made to capture all of the bacon wrapped, bean covered spicy goodness.        

Mi Nidito
1813 South 4th Avenue
Tucson, AZ

This south Tucson landmark is famous with the late night dining crowd.  You will find many Mexican food standards on the menu like chimichangas, enchiladas and chile rellenos.  But none is as well known as The President’s Plate that commemorates Bill Clinton’s visit to the restaurant in 1999.  This food fiesta will not leave you hungry.      

Café Poca Cosa
110 East Pennington Street
Tucson, AZ

Calling this a Mexican food restaurant is just too simple.  This world-renowned downtown eatery is popular among locals and visitors.  All the food is made from the freshest ingredients, so fresh that it is rumored that the kitchen has no freezers.  Their famous chalkboard menu offers favorites such as chicken mole and tamale pie.  But your best bet is to order the Plato Poca Cosa, aka the chef’s surprise, to get three great samples from the menu.  We promise you won’t be disappointed.