Resource Lists for Students and Counselors

For eighteen years, high school counselor Cigus Vanni has created and maintained a series of lists that are great tools for students -- and counselors. These lists track schools that require two teacher recommendations; schools in the U.S. that offer non-binding Early Action admission plans; schools in the US that offer binding Early Decision plans (with annotated crossovers, designations for restricted plans and tagging of schools that offer both EA and ED); and mid-50% SAT ranges for more than three hundred U.S. schools.  We're delighted he is back again to share his 2013 lists with our readers. Because of the length of the lists, we'll be featuring them as separate posts over the next few days. Up first: Schools that offer binding early decision (ED) Plans.

Cigus Vanni is School Counselor and AP Coordinator at New Jersey's Cherry Hill High School West, which serves over 1,500 students. Vanni is also co-chair of the Atlantic City National College Fair and an Executive Board member of the New Jersey Association for College Admission Counseling. He was formerly assistant dean of the College at Swarthmore and an admissions counselor at Swarthmore. He was also a five-time undefeated champion on the quiz show Jeopardy in 1988.

Please note: Information about early action plans, teacher recommendations and mid-50% ranges is subject to major changes at every college and university each year. So while these lists are excellent starting points, please check with each school to which you will apply to understand their particular requirements, deadlines, and details. In the meantime, see the first list on Early Decision schools here

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