Say it ain't so... the SAT QOTD email is riding into the sunset...

Oh,  noooo... We received the following message in our inbox this morning: We hope The Official SAT Question of the Day™ has been an engaging and successful part of your SAT® practice plan. We are developing new digital student resources, and the SAT Question of the Day daily email will be discontinued later this month.

We've been receiving the QOTD since we started writing our book and  it is a terrific resource. We so appreciated the insight it offered into the who, what, where of the test -- not to mention the benefit of keeping the mind sharp. We even got our husband and some friends to sign up! Apparently, you will still be able to find the QOTD online at the College Board or on Twitter (@SATQuestion) or via a free mobile app for iPhone and iPod. But, alas, it's just not the same as having it pop up every morning in our email inbox. I guess what our children tell us is true: Email is for old people. Sigh... Though we must say we love Twitter.

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