Seniors: Get your Applications!

We're back! With our weekly reminders for seniors. Each week, we'll be providing information, checklist items and advice on applying to college -- testing, essays, deadlines, college visits, letters of recommendation and more.

First up? Seniors, get your applications.

Visit the websites of every college to which you will apply and find out what application form they support -- the college's own unique form, the Common Application, Universal College Application, or some other electronic application provider.

Download or obtain any university's unique forms (public universities often have their own forms) and if you are applying to schools that use the Common Application or another electronic provider, go ahead and register and create an account.

No need to complete the applications at this point. Just familiarize yourself with the forms and requirements, including deadlines and any supplemental material that you may need to submit. This way you will understand what is ahead of you and can begin to pull together the information required, as well as start budgeting your time accordingly.

Note on the Common Application: You may have heard about some glitches with the Common Application, which introduced a new electronic platform in August. At this time, it looks like the Beta problems have been solved and the new platform is, in fact, very intuitive and much easier to use than the one used by your friends who applied last year.

Good luck! And we'll be back next week with more advice and tips for the Class of 2014 as you take these last steps that will lead you toward the place you'll call home for the next four years.


For more information on The Application Form, including the changes to the Common Application, download our real-time digital supplement, The Application Form, right here. And read more about every aspect of applying to college in our book, College Admission: From Application to Acceptance, Step by Step.

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