University of Washington joins the Gourmet Guide

Artisanal food, ethnic cuisines -- German, Thai, Pakistani, Korean -- and, of course, caffeine. Yes, you're in Seattle now. If you're visiting University of Washington, we've got recommendations for where to find the best breakfast -- Voula's Offshore Café; a farm-to-table lunch or dinner -- Cultivate (right on campus!); and coffee -- including Stumptown right on campus. And in addition to where to find the best espresso or a cup from Fair Trade Fidalgo Bay Coffee Roasters -- this is Seattle, remember -- we've also got your best bets for artisanal pizza and burgers (with fried egg and avocado!).  Thank you, Director of Admissions Philip Ballinger and the students of "UDub," for your advice. Check it out here.

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