Christine VanDeVelde

College Admission on College Smart Radio

Christine VanDeVelde will be talking all things college admission with host Beatrice Schultz on College Smart Radio, 1220 AM KDOW, the Wall Street Business Network, this Saturday. Tune in at 3 p.m. PT to learn more about the biggest mistake families make in the college application process, creating a list of colleges, and college visits -- and find out if it's really true that "It's impossible to get into college today!" Never fear, it's not, though that's not what most headlines would have you believe...

College Admission is On the Road Again...

College Admission is on the road again... We'll be traveling for the next ten days to speak to students and parents in northern and southern California and Oregon. We'll still be posting and Tweeting and Pinteresting, but it will be lighter for the next week. Nevertheless, don't miss our weekly advice for juniors and seniors, the Q&A with our Counselor of the Month next Monday and the next guest post from Will Dix, aka The Crabby Counselor, who has some excellent advice for students about the college search. And, in the meantime, we'll be finding out what's on the minds of juniors and seniors -- and their families -- so we can provide even better advice about the college application process.

College Admission on WGN Midday News on Monday

College Admission will be a guest on WGN Midday News on Monday! Christine VanDeVelde will be talking about strategies for students and parents to keep calm and carry on in college application season, as well as the college essay, applying early, and why it's important to read the fine print in the application form.

Ignoring the "Broccoli Talk"

We're guest blogging at today on strategies for surviving the college application process in the face of the urban myths in the media and scare-mongering on the soccer sidelines. Thank you to's Lauren Starkey for the opportunity to share our thoughts and advice on embracing the facts and ignoring the hype. So what exactly is "broccoli talk"? Find out here. You'll recognize it immediately, we're sure!

College Admission in Fifth Printing

College Admission has gone into a fifth printing in less than a year! And look for us at your neighborhood Barnes & Noble in July and August. B&N has selected College Admission as part of its “Get Ready For School” campaign!  Thank you to our readers -- students, parents, and counselors -- for your support and confidence in our book. And thank you to our teams at Crown Books and ICM.