Drop in Grades

Senioritis Warning: Serious reactions may occur


Seniors, are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?

·       A lack of motivation in the morning

·       Feelings of apathy about AP Calc

·       Missed tests

·       Making the party but not the athletic practice

·       A general slacking off in and out of the classroom

If so, you may be experiencing senioritis.


Your senior year is important to colleges. Acceptance letters are contingent on your finishing the year at the same performance level as when you applied -- same classes, continuing good grades, same extracurriculars.


Keep your focus and stay fully engaged -- both in the classroom and on campus.

Dangerous interactions:

If slacking off gets out of hand, it can have serious consequences.  Admission can be denied or rescinded for significant changes in grades or disciplinary action for behavioral issues. If you are waitlisted, a dip in grades or lapse in judgment can work against your being admitted. (Manufacturer's warning: We're having a little fun here with our format. But this is serious stuff. Follow directions accordingly.)

Call the admission office immediately if you experience the following: