Notre Dame

College Goes to the Movies

Yeah but Becky, I can't stay here. I aced my SATs which means that if I graduate, I can go to whatever college I want. Brittany S. Pierce, Glee

I'm applying to Oxford and the Sorbonne, but Harvard is my safety school. Max Fischer, Rushmore

I can't write and I can't spell.That's the privilege of 
a first-class education. Dickie, The Talented 
Mr. Ripley, (Dickie is a Princeton grad)

By the way, you know I ultimately do all these things for the good of mankind, right? Sometimes I don’t think I come off that way. Paris Geller, Gilmore Girls, (who desperately needs some volunteer work for her college application)


Tales of Haunted Residence Halls and Spooky College Classrooms


Who doesn't love a good ghost story? Turns out, there are plenty of tales of haunted residence halls and spooky classrooms on college campuses -- from Cal State-Camarillo and Kenyon to University of Georgia, Montclair State and Smith College. Spectral students, phantom lovers (no, not that guy who said he was going to call) and even the ghost of Notre Dame's the Gipper can be found wandering campus. While a resident ghost is not a factor we would suggest using in your college search, we couldn't resist these wrap-ups of collegial Caspers. Here's your rogue's gallery for the approaching All Hallows' Eve:

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