Right College Right Price

Frank Palmasani, Hinsdale South High School

February is Financial Aid Awareness Month. So who better to feature as our Counselor of the month than Frank Palmsani?  A veteran counselor now in his 20th year at Hinsdale South High School in Darien, Illinois, Palmasani is also the originator of the Financial Fit Method, a program that provides families with a step-by-step process for figuring out affordable colleges, how to file financial aid documents, how to pay for college and how to analyze award letters. His guide to choosing and paying for college, Right College, Right Price, was published in January.

Palmsani spends his days at Hinsdale South, a comprehensive high school -- and a magnet school for the deaf -- with a diverse population -- socioeconomically, ethnically, and academically -- of approximately 1800 students. One of nine counselors at the school, Palmasani is charged with assisting students with personal, social, and academic concerns, as well as college counseling and selection and career/vocational plans.

Financial Aid Videos on CollegeWeek Live

CollegeWeek Live has a series of excellent videos on financial aid available on their website. Note especially Financial Aid Execution from Frank Palmasani, author of Right College, Right Price, and our upcoming Counselor of the Month for February. Because February is Financial Aid Awareness Month! Check out the videos here. (Note: You may have to register on the site to access the videos, but it is free and well worth the minute it takes to do create a sign-in. No other information is required.)