What to Wear to College Interviews

Seniors: Beware the Biggest Interview Faux Pas

Admission officers say that, by far, the most frequent interview faux pas are wardrobe malfunctions— blouses that pop open, spaghetti strap tops that are too skimpy, flies that are unzipped, workout clothes that look like you just
worked out, makeup more suited to a nightclub, and way, way too much perfume for the girls and aftershave for the boys. At any college interview, students should dress like they are being taken to lunch by their grandparents. Or, as Rick Diaz, regional admission director at SMU, advises: If you look in the mirror and think to yourself, “I look really good,” then change your clothes. You should not look that good. It’s an appointment, not a date. You should dress conservatively and look presentable, not “hot.”
For more information about interviews, including interview etiquette, online interviews, and questions students may want to ask, see Chapter 11, "College Interviews," in College Admission: From Application to Acceptance, Step by Step.