Williams College

Snowpocalypse on campus

Snowpocalypse on campus! As campuses closed down -- except for dining halls -- along the East Coast, students took to the quads, hills, and even the streets of campus to enjoy the Blizzard of 2013. Check it out here on Inside Higher Education or on the colleges' Facebook pages and Instagram for some vicarious sledding, snowball fights and even skiing down city street.

Chicago Scholars Onsite Admissions Forum

College Admission was privileged to attend the Onsite Admissions Forum and Luncheon today for Chicago Scholars. At the Forum on the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago, 525 under-resourced and first-generation students met with 80 selective colleges -- from Albion and Amherst  to Western Illinois University and Williams College. (See the full list of schools here.)These 80 colleges accept and read applications from the students who are Chicago Scholars well before traditional deadlines.  So at today's Forum, many of these colleges came ready -- after interviewing the applicants -- to make their offers of admission and award scholarships. Those colleges that did not offer decisions provide "early read" advice to the Scholars so they can improve their applications. This afternoon, almost 90% of the attendees received at least one offer of admission -- and a total of $11.4 million in scholarship monies.