Pitch Perfect

14 Wildly Untrue Things TV and Movies Tell You About College



The Huffington Post takes a look at lies Gossip Girl, Pitch Perfect and Boy Meets World told you about college. We'd like to add a #15 -- "There are only 8 colleges in the United States." Because, as they say in #1 here, everybody goes to an Ivy League school -- or Stanford, of course. For the other lies, read 14 Wildly Untrue Things TV And Movies Tell You About CollegeTrue confession: Our favorites lies were the ones they told in Legally Blonde. What? Like it's hard to get into Harvard?!?

College Goes to the Movies

Yeah but Becky, I can't stay here. I aced my SATs which means that if I graduate, I can go to whatever college I want. Brittany S. Pierce, Glee

I'm applying to Oxford and the Sorbonne, but Harvard is my safety school. Max Fischer, Rushmore

I can't write and I can't spell.That's the privilege of 
a first-class education. Dickie, The Talented 
Mr. Ripley, (Dickie is a Princeton grad)

By the way, you know I ultimately do all these things for the good of mankind, right? Sometimes I don’t think I come off that way. Paris Geller, Gilmore Girls, (who desperately needs some volunteer work for her college application)