Students with talent in athletics

Great advice for Student Athletes

What does it mean to "qualify" as an NCAA athlete? Check out this blog post from Michelle Kretzschmar about the academic standards for students who hope to play on campus. Such students need to understand exactly what the academic requirements are for NCAA athletes, as well as the standards for individual conferences and schools. Read more in Kretzschmar's excellent post here

Hat tip: Susie Watts via LinkedIn

Juniors, Your Summer Checklist

As you head off into the summer, here's one last checklist. If you get some of these things done, you will be off to a good start when you return in the fall. And as a little added incentive, we've included links to prior posts with advice on each subject. Have a great vacation and make sure that in addition to researching colleges and writing your essays this summer, you rest, relax and recharge, as well.