Juniors, Your Summer Checklist

As you head off into the summer, here's one last checklist. If you get some of these things done, you will be off to a good start when you return in the fall. And as a little added incentive, we've included links to prior posts with advice on each subject. Have a great vacation and make sure that in addition to researching colleges and writing your essays this summer, you rest, relax and recharge, as well.

  • Continue researching colleges in order to develop a list of 8 to 10 colleges to which you will apply. Here are some resources, advice and a starting point.
  • Visit colleges. You'll find some questions to ask here.
  • Start writing your college essays. Here are some resources.
  • Take a look at the Common Application as soon as it becomes available on August 1st. Here's how to break it down.
  • Students with talent in the arts and athletics may have an earlier timetable and more work (such as audition tapes or art portfolios), so use the summer to get a jump on it. Here's some advice for athletes and artists.
  • Keep learning about financial aid and how to pay for college. Here's a start.
    And, finally…
  • Read, read, read. We can't say it enough. It improves grades, test scores, and is the best indicator of whether you will succeed in college. It's also a great way to relax, especially on the beach, a porch swing, or under a shade tree. You can find some suggestions here.

See you back here in August!

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