Seniors: Everything You Need to Know about Wait Lists

The wait list is probably on the minds of a lot of students this week, so we're bringing you a recap of the next steps you should take if you've been waitlisted, as well as the round-ups of our expert advice on being waitlisted. If you're wondering whether or not to accept a spot on the wait list or move on or exactly how to make your case to a school where you're waitlisted, click on these links and read on… 


For more information on making your decision, see Chapter 17, "Notificatin and Making the Decision," in College Admission: From Application to Acceptance Step by Step.


And probably much more than you should ever need to know. Beyond the what to do list, here's what NOT to do -- WAIT! Choose a school that you love (which should be any of the colleges you've applied to) that has already accepted you with open arms.

If you get a Waitlist decision BEFORE May 1, great. If not, that school goes in the "also ran" pile. Enroll where you are wanted, not where you are Waitlisted!

My own three cents (a bargain, at any price) on The Waitlist:

We believe you can never have too much good information. And the fact is -- all evidence to the contrary -- the good information in college admission is limited. There really is a right way to do most things. You're right that for most students, waiting is probably not a good solution. But even if you decide to accept a position on a wait list and wait, you should still accept another school that has accepted you with open arms as the writer above suggests. Christine

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